Interested in Aerospace Grade Materials?

Syscom has the edge with its experience in the complex process of producing metal-clad fibers designed to meet market needs in electronic/electronic applications. For example, we design and build our own product lines to ensure proper handling of the yarn. Our staff has decades of experience in metallization. This expertise gives us a competitive edge in terms of quality and product.

About Our Company

Syscom Advanced Materials, Inc was formed to develop, manufacture, and market conductive fibers for demanding requirements. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the company is now a recognized leader for innovative technology and unique, high-performance conductive fibers.

Syscom continues to research and develop advanced materials for the application of Metal Clad Fibers for use in the military, space, industrial, commercial, and medical markets.

Syscom has unique abilities both as a business and within its research & development. Not only does Syscom offer proven, tested, and cutting-edge products of their own, but Syscom also works with numerous companies to find technologically tailored solutions based on their needs.

Advanced Conductive Materials Leader

Syscom is a pioneer in providing advanced conductive materials to demanding industries with products designed to meet the most technical and stringent environments.

Syscom’s commitment to continually improving the product now includes improving all processes, which can be seen through the addition of the ISO-compliant certification AS9100 and ISO 9001 since 2013.

Over two decades of experience providing quality conductive fiber materials.

We Landed On Mars!

It was exciting to learn that AmberStrand® was actually aboard NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity. The Mars Curiosity Rover is now celebrating 10+ years on Mars, too!

We help companies achieve concept and prototype milestones faster to reach their paying customers sooner.

Syscom Advanced Materials designs, develops, and produces metal-clad fibers that offer a unique combination of strength, flexibility, and weight reduction. They create an attractive replacement for copper wire in demanding electrical/electronic applications.

Syscom improves performance and reduces costs for the aerospace and defense industries.

Brief History of Syscom Technology


Syscom Technology, Inc. (STI) founder Dr. JarWha Lee, is working for the Material Laboratory Polymer Branch at Wright-Patterson AFB. They are tasked by the USAF to find lighter weight and higher strength alternatives to conductive aircraft wiring.


Syscom Technology, Inc (STI) is created to develop conductive fiber products with research funding from SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) and STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) programs.


Syscom Advanced Materials, Inc (SAMI) is formed with the mission of commercializing metal-clad fiber products.


SAMI creates and receives a trademark for its first commercial metal-clad fiber product called Amberstrand.


SAMI expands into the Kinnear facility for larger-scale production.


A partnership with Glenair to distribute Amberstrand for EMI applications is forged and first production orders are shipped.


Development begins to develop an even lighter weight clad fiber which becomes the Liberator product.


Trademark for Liberator is approved and is soon after used for RF Coax shielding space applications.

Our AmberStrand product makes it all the way to Mars. The Mars Curiosity rover was built using our conductive metal fiber.


Seeing the need for a high temperature, lightning strike product SAMI begins production on X-Steel, a stainless-steel conductive metal clad product.


Trademark is approved for X-Steel.


Syscom submits Liberator for QPL approval (pending).