Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do we make fiber optic cables?

    No, while fiber may be in the product description our products are electrically conductive and do no use light like fiber optic technology.

  • What is the conductivity of your metal clad fiber?

    While we do have typical conductivity values for our products we can actually vary the conductivity (and weight) based on your requirements.

  • What is the diameter of your metalized fiber?

    Since our metalized yarn is comprised of multiple individual filaments and does not retain a perfect circle we approximate as closely as possible by using the ideal close-packed diameter of the yarn’s filaments grouped together.

  • Do I need to have a twist?

    At a minimum, the yarn will have at least a 0.5 twist per inch (TPI) otherwise the fibers will unravel easily. However, the amount of twist generally depends on the customer’s application. The more twist, the tighter the close-pack diameter becomes.

  • Which fiber should I use?

    That depends upon your application. How much weight savings you want, environment temperature, strength requirements, and other parameters will determine the fiber best for your needs. We recommend contacting us for help.

  • Can I change the filament count?

    For our X-Steel Conductive Fiber (stainless-steel plated product) we can vary the filament count from 6 to 24 filaments. We have designed our own stainless-steel bundler to have that capability. For all our other polymer plated products, we do not create the base polymer. We can only buy what the polymer fiber manufacturers produce and offer commercially. While we cannot honor requests for specific fiber counts, we may be able to come close by selecting a different polymer base fiber that may be available. Again, we suggest contacting us regarding your requirements.

  • What metals do we plate? Can we do other types of plating?

    Most of our products are plated with Copper, Nickel, or Silver. We can consider plating other metals, but it depends upon the customer’s application and business case. Please consult the factory.

  • How can I purchase from you?

    Amberstrand is sold exclusively through our distribution partner, Glenair. For all other products, you may purchase directly from Syscom or through Amazon. Syscom minimum order is 3,000 ft usually provided on a Wardwell reel. We accept Purchase Orders, Check, or PayPal for payment. Samples are also available if needed.

  • How will the fiber be packaged?

    We can provide our metalized fibers on spools, bobbins, cones, and cardboard cores. If your machinery requires a specific type of packaging, we may ask for a sample of your packaging to work with.