Exceptional Strength High-Performance Multifilament Yarn

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The core polymer of Liberator®­­­, Vectran™ by Kuraray, is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Pound for pound Vectran™ is 5 times stronger than steel and 10 times stronger than aluminum and is our lightest product.

Through Syscom’s capabilities, this exceptionally strong and durable fiber becomes the foundation of Liberator®, the remarkable properties of Vectran™ within conductive metal layers.

Liberator® High-Performance Multifilament Yarn possesses valuable qualities not only for applications using conventional wire but also for aerospace and microwave cable shielding. Its superior weight savings allows manufacturers to increase payload value on aircraft and satellite systems. Additionally, when used as a conductive wire, it is a higher strength, lower weight alternative to fragile small gauge copper signal wire.

Liberator Multifilament Yarn


Liberator® displays natural textile movements while still maintaining rigid features.

Weight Savings:

Liberator® is 72% lighter than 30 AWG copper wire.

Mechanical Strength:

5 times greater break strength than 30 AWG (stranded 40/46) copper wire.

Thermal Properties:

Liberator® features very low thermal expansion.

Shielding Performance:

Cable shielding constructed with Liberator® High-Performance Multifilament Yarn rivals and even surpasses the performance of much heavier copper-based braids.

Choosing Liberator High-Performance Multifilament Yarn

LIBERATOR is a metal-clad polymer fiber with a polymer inner layer surrounded by highly conductive metal; creating a unique, highly conductive thread/yarn.

Learn more about the Liberator® High-Performance Multifilament Yarn uses by requesting a Product Data Sheet. Liberator’s combination of weight savings, conductivity, and flexibility replaces the stiffness and bulk of copper in the cable shielding market. Buy our Liberator Conductive Fibers on Amazon.

Our Liberator High-Performance Multifilament Yarn products are a combination of strength, flexibility, and weight reduction, plus chemical and cut resistance while minimizing risks to humans and the environment. We invite you to read our About Syscom page to learn more about us. Also in the FAQ page, we address our more common questions.

Syscom Advanced Materials are recognized as the industry experts when it comes to conductive fibers. We invite you to explore and compare our high-performance metal-clad fibers.