Lightweight & Flexible Lyofil™ Fibers

Lyofil Conductive Fiber

Lyofil™ Fiber is one of Syscom Advanced Materials’ novel conductive metal-clad fibers. By pairing a lightweight, flexible, and high-strength Zylon® fiber core with a conductive metal outer layer. The Lyofil™ silver-coated thread gives freedom to design and manufacture outside the constraints of traditional wires.

Designed to have excellent fatigue resistance, thermal stability, strength, cut resistance, and tailored electrical conductivity, Lyofil™ Fiber is optimized for use as a general-purpose conductor as either bare wire or coated with insulation material. Further, Lyofil™ Fibers can be terminated by soldering or band connectors.

Flexible Lyofil Fibers


  • 65% lighter in weight than 30 AWG (stranded 40/46 Type C) copper wire
  • 7 times greater break strength than 30 AWG (stranded 40/46) copper wire
  • Can be soldered or crimped
  • Compatible with metal wire braiding equipment.
  • Superior Fatigue Resistance.
  • Supplied twisted or untwisted on braider bobbins

Syscom Advanced Materials is recognized as the industry expert when it comes to conductive fibers. We invite you to explore and compare our high-performance metal-clad fibers.

Syscom Advanced Materials gives new meaning to what conductive wires, silver-coated threads, and cables can be.